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Managing General Agent

As a managing general agent, Gulf Coast Marine has underwriting and claims handling authority delegated to us by domestic insurers. With this authority, we are able to quote Primary Hull and Machinery as well as Protection and Indemnity coverages with our pool of carriers.


In addition to the delegated authority given to us, Gulf Coast Marine has a wholly owned and operated insurance company (Ocean Marine Indemnity Company) that participates on every risk. This combination of delegated authority and vested interest in each assured gives us a great deal of flexibility in assisting clients in placing their marine insurance risks. Our team of underwriters has decades of experience in the marine insurance marketplace from which they can draw on to assist in placing marine coverages.

Wholesale Broker

Gulf Coast Marine is also a wholesale broker with the ability to place surplus lines marine coverages on behalf of clients. The marine lines of coverage are listed below. These coverages can be accessed via our exclusive contract for the Gulf Coast region with Howden Specialty.

Lines of Business

  • Hull & Machinery

  • Loss of Hire

  • Protection & Indemnity

  • Maritime Employers Liability

  • Excess Liability / Bumbershoot

  • Pollution

  • Cargo


Claims are an inevitable eventuality in the marine industry. Our in-house claims department has decades of experience utilizing our delegated claims authority to settle claims with the aim to make the process as seamless and productive as possible.

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